Step 4: Adding Collections & Products

Adding Collections to your Menu:

Here we will go over adding collections to your menu.

(**Please note: if you haven't created product or collection pages for your collections and/or products the links created within the Bacon Menu will most likely 404 or take you to an empty page)

When you first create your Bacon Menu it will look like this: 

Click on the ADD COLLECTIONS button - or if you'd like to add a Page to a blog, twitter or Facebook account click on ADD A WEB LINK: 

When adding collections you will notice that there is a pre-populated field of Collections already in your Shopify Store. You can search for them or scroll the list to find them. If it's not in this list, it is not in your Shopify Admin.

On the right hand side of this window you will also see a blue button called "Add a new collection" - this adds in a Bacon Menu Collection that is NOT added in to your Shopify Store. This is merely for placeholder purposes. 

Next we will add in sub-categories to your menus:

On the right side a button will appear as you hover over each collection.

Please note that you can only add products in the sub-category section. 

From there you will find a page similar to the previous one when it is empty. Here you can add in Collections, Products and Web-Links. 

The products/collections that you select when adding them will turn green as you click them. These are the items that you have selected to go in the menu. You can delete them by selecting the "edit" button on the right side of each category or sub-category.


You should now have a visible menu in your store. Now it's time to add customizations to make it fit your theme.

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