Bacon Menu Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Bacon Mega Menu?

A: Glad you asked! The Bacon Mega Menu is a fully customizable drop-down Mega Menu that features 3 different styles of menu formats. It contains customizable font sizes, colors and menu positions.

Q: How is the Bacon Menu customizable?

A: The Bacon Mega Menu is fully customizable in terms of colours, font size, menu positions, style and is mobile-compatible. With 3 different menu options available (Left-to-Right, Top-Down and Stack), we are confident there is something for everyone with our app! There is also a CSS editor for custom edits.

Q: What is the purpose of having a CSS Editor in the app?

A: Here at Helium Development we are all about the development side of things so we wanted our users with some dev experience to be able to manipulate the menu how they wanted. We are all about learning and adding knowledge and experience to our apps while making them completely functional!

Q: Do I need to have developer experience or CSS/HTML Experience to use this app?

A: Not at all. The Bacon Mega Menu is designed for ease of use and accessibility.

Q: Are images supported in the app?

A: Our left to right menu supports images. It supports any image that is linked to your Shopify Collections or Images.

Q: How do I add images to the app?

A: We actually pull images from Shopify. Images are not added into the application, they are pulled in from your Shopify Admin along with your collections and products (as long as there are associated with the product and collections). 

Q: My images are not appearing, why aren't they showing?

A: If you have added images to your collections or products AFTER adding those products or collections to the Bacon Menu they will need to be updated. To do that go into your Bacon Menu in the app, then scroll down to the bottom. There you will see a button called "Update collections from Shopify". This will pull the images to their collections.

Q: I’ve tried putting in my Shopify menus (link lists) but they’re not showing. What could I be doing wrong?

A: This is a fairly common issue. You’re not the first! The way Shopify menus (link lists) work they need SPECIFIC information to display the right page or link. Make sure the Shopify Menus that are being used by the Bacon Mega Menu are set to Web Link and written correctly. It should look something like this:


Q: Can I put external web links or Shopify pages in my menu?

A: Yes. With the latest update we added in a cool feature for adding web-links. Simply title it (this is how it will display in the menu) and make the handle the URL for the webpage. HTTPS:// should be the beginning of this “handle”.

Q: Does the Bacon Mega Menu fully support my Collections and Products?

A: We designed the Bacon Mega Menu to easily implement and pull all necessary data from your Shopify Admin Collections and Products. However, we recommend making all desired changes to your collections and products before adding them to the Bacon Mega Menu. But don’t worry, if you want to make changes to your products and collections, there is a button called “Update collections from Shopify” that will update your collections when you want to.

Q: I have a lot of products, can the Bacon Menu handle them all?

A: Absolutely. We recommend using the Top-Down menu for 20-30 products, although it can handle more.

Q: My menu still isn’t showing up. What now?

A: If you are encountering any issue where the menu isn’t showing. Follow these steps (These are the same steps I follow when I’m diagnosing any issue with the Bacon Menu not appearing):

  • Check the Shopify Navigation Menus, making sure all handles are correct.
  • Double check that you have pasted in the {% include ‘bacon-menu’%} to your theme.liquid
  • Make sure you’re Bacon Menu is up to date (log out and log back in to update).
  • Make sure all of your Shopify Collections have been updated.
  • Force load jQuery

Q: I’m still pretty confused by the menu. Can you help?

A: Absolutely! We offer full support during the business week to help our users get the most out of their Bacon Menu! Send us an email: [email protected]. We’re here to help!

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