Step 3: Linking Menus to your Navigation

Here we will go over how to link your Bacon Menus to your Shopify Navigation.

First, you will need to get your Bacon Menu handle. In our example we used our Sample menu which had a handle of #sample-menu. 



Next we will go in to our Online Store to Navigation: 



Next, we will add in our Handle to our Navigation Link List.

The Bacon Menu Handles need to be added to the MAIN MENU Nav list.


IMPORTANT: Adding the Bacon Menu Handles elsewhere may cause linkage issues and break mobile functionality. 

Adding the Bacon Menu Handle to the Link List:

  • Click on "Edit" and a window will open, allowing you to edit the file path for your navigation.

  • Delete the current file path and now you have a blank field.

  • Type in whatever collection item handle and menu you have created. See the example shown below (the Bacon Menu Handle is underlined in red):


/collections/example-collection#sample-menu (<---example, don't copy this)

*Note: The path prior to the menu handle (in this example, '/collections/all') is the path the menu link will navigate to. If you don't want your menu to have a clickable path, remove it and use only the Bacon Menu Handle.

After you have added in your handles you will be able to see the outline of your menus within your Shopify store! Great job getting to this point! Now it's time to add in categories and sub-categories!



 Step 4: Adding Collections & Products




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